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Frequently Asked Questions

What geographic area do you serve?

  • Most of our assignments are located in the tri-state area around Philadelphia.

Do you work for public or private sector clients?

  • We serve both.  That provides us a good understanding of how to do business from each perspective, especially a knowledge of government process and approvals.

Is there value to planning before beginning engineering?

  • Yes, it is nearly always a cost saving to our client and allows them and us to explore alternatives and key issues in a short timeframe before major expenditures are made on detailed design and engineering tasks.

Can you send us a marketing brochure?

  • We have not produced elaborate marketing materials.  We welcome new clients, and many of our projects come from "word of mouth" recommendations, referrals, and repeat clients.  We have served some clients for over 20 years.  Recently, we also have relied on our website.

Can we provide construction services?

  • We commonly oversee site construction and landscape installation to ensure the plans are being followed, to make field adjustments, and to foster on-time performance.

Do you use Computer Aided Drafting (CAD) and Geographic Information Systems?

  • Yes, routinely, in addition to other "everyday" computer applications.  We currently are using AutoCAD 2010 w/ 3DCIVIL and ArcView (ArcGIS 9) software.  We commonly access electronic data from government, Internet, and private sources to inform our projects.

Do you offer wetland delineation, soil testing and analysis, and surveying?

  • No, however, wetland delineation, soil testing and analysis, and surveying is provided through independant professional service firms who we coordinate with regularly and who are both competent and well regarded by reviewing agencies.

How much of your planning and design work becomes a reality?

  • A high percentage of our work results in built projects. The photographs on our website reflect our results.