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Services: Land Planning

Professional services to evaluate site conditions and determine how the land can be used to protect the environment and achieve suitable use and value.  The resulting product identifies the type and intensity of use, suitable locations, resource protection area, and legal parameters for use.  Plans provide the basis for detailed design, engineering, and approvals.

  • Site Design
  • Master Plans
  • Open Space Plans
  • Park and Trail Design
  • Resources/Land Mangement Plans
  • Environmental Assesments

Services: Landscape Design

Professional design services that capitalize on the attributes of a site and enhancements that create a greater "sense of place" that is appealing to the user and is aesthetic and interesting.  Fundamental to each design is a knowledge of site conditions and context.  The resulting built environment inherently relates to the human senses and embodies such principles as appropriate horticulture, seasonal interest, balance, and scale.

Please visit LandConcepts Group for more information.

  • Planting Plans
  • Athletic Fields
  • Hardscape Design
  • Golf Course Layout
  • Lighting
  • Irrigation
  • Signage